How Does a Urine Pregnancy Test Work?

If you are of child-bearing age, are sexually active, and has missed a period or your period is unusually late, it is well worth carrying out a urine pregnancy test. These pregnancy tests work by measuring the level or a certain hormone, called hCG for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, in your urine. When a woman is… Read More »

When To Check Pregnancy Test After Implantation Bleeding Occurs

If you have been trying to get pregnant, and you have been monitoring your period regularly, you might notice that you have a discharge of fluid or vaginal bleeding. This is usually due to the fertilized egg which is attaching itself in the uterus, and is typically not a serious problem. This is also known… Read More »

What are The Characteristics of Implantation Bleeding

If you are trying to get pregnant, then understanding the characteristics of implantation bleeding will help you to ensure that you detect the pregnancy as quickly as possible. Many women are not familiar with the characteristics of implantation bleeding. So, understandably, when they see some bloody discharge they are not sure what it means and… Read More »

Find Out When to Take Pregnancy Test After Implantation Bleeding

Do you have a feeling that you might be pregnant? You may be experiencing a few of the common signs, including breast tenderness, back pain, slight cramping and implantation bleeding. After noticing a light amount of blood in your underwear, you may wonder When to take Pregnancy Test after Implantation Bleeding. Do you know exactly… Read More »